Our Mission

BASA believes it is our duty to stand against sexual assault in all forms and to help expose the flawed legal system that oftentimes blames victims and creates a culture of rape and sexual assault acceptance. Rape is the most under-reported, under-prosecuted, and under-sentenced crime in the United States. Rape is the only crime where a victim’s behavior is called into question, particularly if alcohol is involved.

Alcohol is the #1 Date Rape Drug, but rape is not caused by alcohol. Patronizing a bar or drinking establishment does not cause rape, drinking alcohol at a bar does not cause rape. Drunkenness does not cause rape. Flirtatious behavior does not cause rape. Going home with someone does not cause rape. Offenders sometimes go to bars, and sometimes work in bars. As BASA, we have a duty in our work environments to watch for signs of sexual predators and take action when necessary.