A cause we can all believe in

Who We Are

BASA is a collective of bar and restaurant professionals who recognize the issues of sexual assault, harassment and discrimination within the wider culture. We believe it is our imperative to stand against these issues in our industry.

Why We’re Here

Alcohol is never an excuse. Alcohol is the #1 date rape drug, and though alcohol does not cause rape or other dangerous behavior, we have a responsibility to protect our patrons and fellow employees through raising awareness and developing strategies to intervene when we witness these behaviors.

How we’ll get there

Bartenders Against Sexual Assault (BASA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit as an initiative of Proper Groove, which was founded to address the issue of sexual assault in the nighttime economy and the wider culture.

We have been working intentionally for nearly a year to create this community-led organization, to grow our board and to develop a bystander intervention program that is research-based and built upon the needs of marginalized communities and identities. We’ve developed a four-pillared plan for addressing these issues: Education, Prevention, Intervention and Consent (EPIC Moves Training Series), and #86Excuses – an industry awareness campaign.

Our Mission

BASA’s mission is to engage and empower bar and restaurant professionals to create safer industry and patron spaces through bystander intervention training and awareness raising campaigns.

Now we need your help! Our work depends on the support of our community. Please donate this #GivingTuesday to Proper Groove and help us spread the word. Your donation provides program support for curriculum development, training, outreach materials, establishment resources and victim referrals. We graciously thank you in advance.


Stay tuned to sign up your bar for training, to volunteer, and to become a part of the change!